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Welcome to First Mesa Consolidated Villages, Home to Walpi, Sichomovi and Tewa Villages and Polacca and Keams Canyon communities.
Walpi Village (the first Village), was established by various clans who migrated to this area and originally located on a ledge on First Mesa.  According to history, the people later moved high atop the mesa for protection against other tribes, where it has remained since time immemorial and continuously inhabited for over a thousand years.  
Historically, after the establishment of Walpi Village, two other Villages; Sichomovi and Hano were established.  Sichomovi was settled by the people of Walpi through population growth. 
Hano village was established by the Mustard Seed Clan (aaswungwa), known as the Hano people, who migrated to this area by way of Canyon de Chelly. 
When they abandoned Hano village, a group of Tewa people, from present day New Mexico, were welcomed by the Hopi Religious & Traditional Leaders. They settled into the Village of Hano. The Village today is now known as Tewa Village.
Walpi Village remained under the traditional form of governance. In later years when Sichomovi and Tewa were established, a Hopi Constitution was written for the Hopi Tribe and the Hopi people. The First Mesa religious and traditional leadership consented to the Hopi Constitution, with the agreement that First Mesa will remain under the traditional form of government as one consolidated village – with one Leader – the Kikmongwi who is head of the Village. 
Today, the First Mesa Consolidated Villages remain under the traditional form of governance with an administration office that assumes the responsibility of progressive needs for the people, i.e., Utilities- electricity, water/sewer, Communications- internet, telephone, and infrastructure, to name a few.
Although the First Mesa Consolidated Villages remains under a traditional governance, we use today‚Äôs modern technology to work on behalf of the villages and people to communicate and advocate with outside entities, the federal, state, county and tribal governments. 
The governmental structure is a unique system, but required, to keep the Hopi people intact with the Hopi Religion and Hopi traditional ways of life. 
The Hopi people have sustained their complex lifeways for thousands of years and have merged traditionalism with modernity to successfully provide for their families.

By Ivan L. Sidney, Sr.
First Mesa Consolidated Villages Administrator

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  • Ivan Sidney, Sr.
    Village Administrator
  • Wilber Kaye
    Staff Assistant
  • Brannon Sidney
  • Merideth Qotswisiwma
    Water Clerk
  • Sharon Grover
    Water Clerk
  • Alphonso Sakeva, Jr Water Op. Supervisor
  • Joshua Huma
    Water Operator
  • Craig Grover
  • Daylan Qotswisiwma
  • Myron Ami
  • Louella N. Furcap
    Editor/Public Info.